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    Chinese Pharmaceutical Grade Natural D-Camphor Powder

    Chinese Pharmaceutical Raw Material Natural D-Camphor Powder BP2012 USP38 For Export

    Pure natural plant extract D-camphor 

    High assay 98%

    Pharmaceutical Grade BP2012 USP38

    Export by sea or by air

    Class 4.1  UN2717

    HS code 2914291000

    Packing: 25kg/ctn

    CAS NO.: 464-49-3

    Natural D-camphor specification:

    Appearance of solution: 1g dissolve in 10ml petroleum ether
    Melting Point: 175℃-179℃
    Halogens: 80-120ug/ml
    Specific Optical Rotation: +40°-+43°
    Prity: 96% min.