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Chinese supplier and exporter of natural essential oils,aromatic chemicals,flavors and fragrances, plant extract
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Product Description:

Myrcene Chinese wholesale price supplier and exporter

Product Categories: Flavors & Fragrances, Aromatic chemicals

CAS NO. 123-35-3

MF: C10H16

Original: China


Odor: Mild aromatic odor.  

Appearance: Colorless to slight yellow clear liquid  

Refractive Index: 1.4680~1.4740  

Relative Density: 0.7920-0.8050  

Solubility: Solvable in ethanol not in water.  

Combustibility: Inflammable  

Flash point: 39º C(closed-cup)  

Content(GLC): 78% 79.5%

JXYONO Synthetic flavors and fragrances , aromatic chemicals
Myrcene CAS NO.123-35-3
Dihydromyrcene CAS NO. 2436-90-0
Dihydromycenol CAS NO. 1849-58-8
Terpineol CAS NO. 8000-41-7
Dihydroterpineol CAS NO. 498-81-7
Terpinyl Acetate CAS NO.8007-35-0
Dihydroterpinyl Acetate CAS NO. 58985-18-5
Pine Oil CAS NO.8000-26-8
Terpinolene CAS NO. 586-62-9
Longifolene CAS NO. 475-20-7
Isolongifolene- CAS NO. 1135-66-6
Nopyl Acetate CAS 128-51-8
Linalool CAS NO. 78-70-6
Linalyl Acetate CAS NO. 115-95-7
Citronellol CAS NO.106-22-9
Cis-3-Hexenol CAS NO. 928-96-1
CIs-3-Hexenyl Acetate CAS NO.3681-71-8
Raspberry Ketone CAS NO. 5471-51-2
Camphor CAS NO. 76-22-2
Borneol Flake CAS NO. 507-70-0
Camphene CAS NO. 79-92-5
Para Cymene CAS NO. 99-87-6
Dipentene CAS NO. 138-86-3
Isoborneol CAS NO. 124-76-5
Isobornyl Acetate CAS NO. 125-12-2
Sodium Acetate Trihydrate CAS NO. 6131-90-4
Anhydrous Sodium Acetate CAS NO. 127-09-3
Dipheny Oxide CAS NO.101-84-8
Aldehyde C-14 104-67-6
Aldehyde C-18 CAS NO.104-61-0
Lilyaldehyde CAS NO. 80-54-6