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Natural D-camphor 98% BP2012 USP38
Natural D-camphor 98% BP2012 USP38
Product Description:

D Camphor Natural BP2012 USP38  camphor tablet raw material
Pure natural plant extract camphor powder
High assay 98% above

Pharmaceutical grade
Export to : Thailand, South Africa, England, Saudi Arabia,etc.

  •  D-camphor

Product Categories: Flavors & Fragrances, Aromatic chemicals, Pharmaceutical raw material

CAS NO.: 464-49-3

MF: C10H16O

FEMA: 2230

Original: China


Camphor Powder

Appearance: : Sticky crystal with translucent and colorless

Odour: With an offensive fetid odor but a pleasant taste inducing

the impression of coolness

Melting Point: 174 ~ 181°

Optical rotation(20): +40°~ +43°

Solubility(20):1ML of oil dissolves in 70 ML Water and 1ML ethylether

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