Jiangxi Yono Industry Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Yono Industry Co., Ltd.

Chinese supplier and exporter of natural essential oils,aromatic chemicals,flavors and fragrances, plant extract camphor, borneol flakes, eucalyptus oil, eucalyptol, anise oil, anethole, coumarin, rosalin
Product Description:

Myrcene Chinese wholesale price supplier and exporter

Product Categories: Flavors & Fragrances, Aromatic chemicals

CAS NO. 123-35-3

MF: C10H16

Original: China


Odor: Mild aromatic odor.  

Appearance: Colorless to slight yellow clear liquid  

Refractive Index: 1.4680~1.4740  

Relative Density: 0.7920-0.8050  

Solubility: Solvable in ethanol not in water.  

Combustibility: Inflammable  

Flash point: 39º C(closed-cup)  

Content(GLC): 78% 79.5%

JXYONO Synthetic flavors and fragrances , aromatic chemicals
Myrcene CAS NO.123-35-3
Dihydromyrcene CAS NO. 2436-90-0
Dihydromycenol CAS NO. 1849-58-8
Terpineol CAS NO. 8000-41-7
Dihydroterpineol CAS NO. 498-81-7
Terpinyl Acetate CAS NO.8007-35-0
Dihydroterpinyl Acetate CAS NO. 58985-18-5
Pine Oil CAS NO.8000-26-8
Terpinolene CAS NO. 586-62-9
Longifolene CAS NO. 475-20-7
Isolongifolene- CAS NO. 1135-66-6
Nopyl Acetate CAS 128-51-8
Linalool CAS NO. 78-70-6
Linalyl Acetate CAS NO. 115-95-7
Citronellol CAS NO.106-22-9
Cis-3-Hexenol CAS NO. 928-96-1
CIs-3-Hexenyl Acetate CAS NO.3681-71-8
Raspberry Ketone CAS NO. 5471-51-2
Camphor CAS NO. 76-22-2
Borneol Flake CAS NO. 507-70-0
Camphene CAS NO. 79-92-5
Para Cymene CAS NO. 99-87-6
Dipentene CAS NO. 138-86-3
Isoborneol CAS NO. 124-76-5
Isobornyl Acetate CAS NO. 125-12-2
Sodium Acetate Trihydrate CAS NO. 6131-90-4
Anhydrous Sodium Acetate CAS NO. 127-09-3
Dipheny Oxide CAS NO.101-84-8
Aldehyde C-14 104-67-6
Aldehyde C-18 CAS NO.104-61-0
Lilyaldehyde CAS NO. 80-54-6